News 12 January 2019

UCCT meeting: @ BAU against the proposal amending the M/101

Invitation to the UCCT meeting @ BAU Muenchen, at Chemolli Fire’s booth, C4.410, on January, 15th at 10 AM


The revision of the mandate contained in the document CEN / TC33 N 3663 proposes to change the harmonized standards EN 1935 – single axis hinges, EN 12209 – mechanical locks, EN 15685 – multipoint locks, EN 14846 – electromechanical locks and prEN 15887 – spring hinges, in non-harmonized standards.

If the proposal is accepted, CE marking will no longer be mandatory for products complying with the 5 standards listed for use on fire resistant and/or smoke control doors and for hinges in accordance with EN 1935 intended for use on doors on escape routes.

According to our vision such modifications would lead to a de-regulation of important, essential and substantial components with regard to safety and reliability features.

The association is also opponing to the possibility of the consequent introduction of national marks on the hardware that will be transformed into trade barriers. You will find a letter from UCCT attached that has been sent to several associations, manufacturers, involved people in Italy and abroad.

20181219085625-2018-12-19-Comunicato UCCT

We are setting up initiatives to create pressure groups to avoid the approval of this proposal. About this there will be a meeting in our booth at BAU, C4.410 next Tuesday at 10 AM with several hardware and door manufacturers and other involved people to develop possible common activities against this proposal.

If you can’t participate live we have a conference call setted up via google meet to participate anyway.

Eros Chemolli
CEO-Chemolli Fire
Technical Manager of the Fire Doors and Hardware Division – UCCT
UCCT – Unione Costruttori Chiusure Tecniche