News 28 April 2020

Fire test – Scrigno EI 30 internal sliding door

Video presented by our customer Scrigno at the Batimat fair from November 2nd to 6th 2015 in Paris.

This video is about the test carried out at the Efectis laboratory of a sliding door followed by us.

It was a particular test as it is a product that is not so widespread in terms of manufacturers able to pass this type of test. Scrigno already had an old certification for the French market which we have modernized in collaboration with the technical direction of Scrigno. In fact, we worked on the new “Essential” line with a set of dedicated profiles for fire resistance and used a very thin panel: only 40 mm!

With this setup we followed each phase of the activity and production as usual and installed the wall and the samples with our technicians.

The doors have also been subjected to cyclic tests according to EN1191, at the Efectis laboratory in Lyon (Les Avenieres). It is definitely the most modern, organized and – I must say – beautiful test site in Europe and the Efectis technicians are certainly among the best in the field.

The product has perfectly responded to the stresses, reaching even the extra time, that is, instead of resisting only 30 minutes, it has resisted 36, thus allowing to increase the linear measures by 50% (this is the rule for sliding doors).

Everything perfect, like Scrigno products!

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Thanks for watching this video and reading these lines.

Cordial greetings!

Eros Chemolli