Chemolli Fire Systems, X351 family, with two hinged wooden leaves with wooden frame, fire resistant classification EI1 30 – REI 30 according to EN 13501-2:2016 with hot smoke tightness according to UNI EN 13501-2:2016.

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Product specifications

Chemolli Fire Systems door, X351 family, with two wooden hinged leaves with wooden frame, fire resistance classified EI1 30 – REI 30 according to EN 13501-2:2016.


The family of doors, in the various versions, has passed the test according to the following reports:

Classification and test report (Fire) 2017CS01378/1, homologation CS299EI2030P013.

Classification report N.006-2020-CLF released on 17/04/2020 from Z Lab.


44 mm thick doors, with rotating movement on vertical axis, honeycomb cored with internal insulation, structure and rebates in solid wood, covered in MDF. Finished with melamine edge. Wooden frame with 40×100 mm section.


Installation allowed on masonry or plasterboard walls with a minimum thickness of 100 mm, with fire resistance EI 30 – REI 30. Wooden false-frame to be inserted on the masonry wall, section 25 mm (minimum) x wall thickness, or fir reinforcements to be placed between the uprights of the plasterboard wall, by the customer or direct fixing to the support. Chemolli Firebolt A1 and A2 active hinge bolts to keep the door closed in event of fire. Concealed hinges. Cylinder equipped lock. Intumescent gaskets with anti-panic handle and rectangular and circular glazing.


Performance : EI 30

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