Product specifications

Chemolli Fire Systems door, X073 family, single wooden leaf with wooden frame, swing door, classified EI1 60 or EI1 30 for fire resistance, according to EN 13501-2:2007 + A1:2009.


The family of doors, in the various versions, has passed the test according to the following reports:

Test report 36/u/11-99FR, EI 60 – REI 60 homologation TN268EI1060P001, EI 30 – REI 30 Homologation TN268EI1060P001D030 of 07/09/2011.

Door 60 mm thick, with rotary movement on vertical axis, honeycomb cored with internal insulation, structure and rebates in solid wood, covered in MDF. Finished with melamine edge. Solid wood frame composed of two uprights with a section of 40×110 mm and a solid wood crossbar with a section of 50×110 mm.


Installation allowed on masonry or plasterboard walls with a minimum thickness of 110 mm, with fire resistance EI 60 – REI 60, or EI 30 – REI 30. Wooden false-frame to be inserted on the masonry wall, section 25 mm (minimum) x wall thickness, or fir reinforcements to be placed between the uprights of the plasterboard wall, by the customer or direct fixing to the support. Chemolli Firebolt A1 and A2 active hinge bolts to keep the door closed in event of fire. Concealed hinges. Cylinder equipped lock. Intumescent and acoustic gasket fixed on the frame and on the leaf edge. Dropdown seal without floor threshold. Floor mounted hinge support meaning no need to chisel or carve. Floor hinge support without the need for further drilling.


Performance : Chemolli REI REI/EI 30-60 swing door.


Chemolli REI/EI 30-60

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