Technical specifications

Chemolli Fire System single leaf swing door, X073 family, with wooden leaf and frame, fire resistance classification EI1 60, or EI1 30, following the EN 13501-2:2007 + A1:2009 standards.


The doors family, with all his variations, has achieve the following certifications:

36/u/11-99FR test certificate, EI 60-REI 60 TN268EI1060P001 approval, EI 30-REI 30 TN268EI1060P001D030 approval dated 07/09/2011.

Door leaf with a thickness of 60 mm, with rotatory movement on the vertical axis, panelled with inner insulation. The door structure and striking plate are made of solid wood and it’s covered with MDF. The door edges are finished with melamine edges. The solid wood frame is made by two mullions with the following total section 40×110 mm and by a solid wood transom with 50×110 mm dimensions.


The fixing is allowed on brick wall and plasterboard wall with a minimum thickness of 100mm, with fire resistance of EI 60 – REI60 or EI 30 – REI 30. Wall subframe made of wood to be inserted on the brick wall by the client, with a minimum section of 25 mm x wall thickness, or fir reinforcements to be inserted between the plasterboard wall mullions by the client. Chemolli Firebolt A1 and A2 active hinge bolts to keep the door closed in event of fire. Concealed hinges. Roller latch with barrel. Intumescent and acoustic gasket fixed on the frame and on the leaf edge. Synthetic brushes on the lower frame of the leaf.  Floor mounted hinge support meaning no need to chisel or carve.


Performance : REI/EI 30-60


Chemolli REI/EI 30-60 swing door

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X073 - EI 60 1A 60 Swing Door thk. 60