Graphite-based thermal expansion gasket Promat Promaseal LFCSK.

Expands up to 20 times containing hot fumes and flames.

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Product specifications

Promaseal LFCSK is a halogen-free, graphite-based thermo-expanding material. It is produced with extrusion technology. Its main characteristic in case of fire is to expand by compensating for the expansion due to the rising temperatures of the closing elements (e.g. iron door frames) containing the spread of hot smoke and flames.

PROMASEAL®-LFC is an intumescent seal for fire doors (wooden, iron, glass, armoured), glazing, shutters, panels, inspection doors, facades and construction joints of walls and floors. The material must be applied in places with temperatures between 5 °C and 35 °C, on a dry, grease and dust free substrate.

In our warehouse we have 100 ml long rolls with a width of 10/20/25/30/40 mm.

They are normally available for shipment the day after the order.


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Thermal expansion gasket Promat Promaseal LFCSK