Product specifications

Active bolt for fire resistance doors is projected to eliminate the deformation where it is positioned, between door leaf and fixed frame, doors leaf and door leaf, door leaf and support . It is compounded with a cylindrical galvanized steel body, obtained from a solid part, dimensions 14×42 mm, fastener flange 25×3 mm. Steel clamp conic pin, variable diameter from 5 to 3 mm, 17.5 mm length, 16 mm stroke. Internal pressure spring with thrust of 25 N, heating element if necessary. The weight of the complete device with the striker plate: 51 grams. Thermofusible element with ignition temperature of 150° C.

Product variations

Finishes: galvanized


Performance : Until 180 min

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Chemolli Firebolt A2.0

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Chemolli Firebolt A2.0