Technical specifications

Hinge bolt resistant to fire and/or break-ins to prevent the door leaf being slid out of the hinge. Galvanised one-piece metal barrel measuring 25 x 4 mm with 2 x off-set mounting holes. M6x25 tapered tip pin for Allen key. Galvanised one-piece metal striker plate measuring 25 x 3 mm with 2 x off-set mounting holes. Weight including striker plate – 20 grams.

Device certified for the USA and Canada with UL – Underwriter’s Laboratories in GVUY category – Miscellaneous Fire Door Accessories, Positive-pressure Tested – File R38064.


Finish (Black, Galvanised White), Stealth version (milled to 14 mm)


Performance : up to 180 minutes

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Chemolli Firebolt A1

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Chemolli Firebolt A1