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We have developed a certificated line of panels stratigraphyof various thicknesses, with sound insulation from 42 dB to 52 dB. Furthermore, in our warehouse we have a "Promat ready" section available, to facilitate the times for samples or urgent supplies.
Chemolli Fire Research

Chemolli Panels Core S1

Sound insulating and fire resistant panel, low weight and high performance.

Promat Synthesis Pyr

Soundproofing system integrated with passive fire protection for doors, partition walls and partitions

Promat Promapyr insulating panel

Self-supporting high density mineral fibre panel.

Promat Promasound acoustic foil

Promat Promasound Acoustic Foil, a flexible barrier for sound insulation with limited flame and smoke propagation.

Thermal expansion gasket Promat Promaseal LFCSK

Graphite-based thermal expansion gasket Promat Promaseal LFCSK.

Expands up to 20 times containing hot fumes and flames.

Promat Promaseal PL

PROMASEAL–PL is a graphite-based intumescent seal. Its main characteristic in case of fire is to expand by compensating for the expansion due to the rising temperatures of the closing elements (e.g. iron door frames) containing the spread of hot smoke and flames.

Biadhesive Promat Promadamp BU

Double-sided adhesive Promadamp BU butyl plastic polymer for sealing performance and stability at medium and medium low temperatures.

For adhesive constriction anti-vibration assemblies.

Intumescent Mastic Promat Promaseal A

Formaldehyde-free single-component intumescent acrylic sealant for sealing joints

Promat Promafoam C foam

Fireproof polyurethane foam for fire protection up to 240 minutes, suitable for sealing fire resistant systems.

Promat Promaphon PE

Promaphon PE is a lastest generation sound absorption felt, with excellent acoustic performance at low density



Promat Ecopaper ceramic paper

Promat Ecopaper is a high quality, high temperature resistant, biosoluble fibre paper with an operating limit of 1100°C.

Promat K84 glue

Silicate glue for assembly of fire resistant closures.

Promat Promasil

Lightweight insulating slabs in calcium silicate.

Promat Promatect H

Calcium hydro-silicate sheet with stability in case of fire, incombustibility and high mechanical resistance.