News 29 April 2020

Fire test – X387 Chemolli Fire door – Video with interviews

Published on our Youtube channel the video with interviews about the fire test project for our X387 door.

Here we tell the story that led to this video:

EI1 120, C1, Sa, S200: Behind these characters the history of a particular laboratory test.

October 18th 2016. CSIconference entitled “Resistance to fire”. The news that is presented is the entry into force of the product standard for fire doors, EN16034 and it is given with the necessary distinctions and explanations of the case. The topic, as is well known now, is delicate. Among the speakers, Eng. Paolo Monticelli, CSI European Certifications and Directives manager, handles the topic with the usual clarity. On the sidelines of the meeting, Paolo greets Arch. Maurizio Vescovi, Chemolli Fire Project Manager.

Chemolli Fire is a team of professionals who assist door and accessory manufacturers in the certification of fire-resistant and soundproofing systems. It is a well known reality by laboratories across Europe, as well as by companies that use their services. Its founder, Eros Chemolli, began to test, as a customer, in CSI in 1998. Paolo has a proposal: to document with a promotional video the testing activity of a door, to explain the peculiar phases of the activity: from design to production with related sampling (sampling by the certification body at the customer), to assembly in the laboratory. And then the tests: ministerial cycles (we are still under type approval), smoke control, fire resistance. Given that both CSI and Chemolli Fire will participate in Made Expo, it would be nice to do this activity together, given that together they have made many tests of various kinds.

Maurizio takes the proposal back to headquarters. Eros Chemolli, the owner, thinks that bringing a simple door to an EI30 door would be something already seen. There already is an ongoing evidence of a huge and particular door, a product that Eros’ father would also be proud of, who certified wooden fire doors in the eighties as one of the first. The object that takes shape is an EI 120 door, with two wooden doors. That fills the whole furnace. Huge. Rather complex, with glass, accessories, various types of work, such as the retractable door closer with integrated sequencer.

A rather demanding test, considering that for a wooden 120 minutes door most Italian producers still carry out certifications made with the old UNI9723. This would be a good test to document. A meeting is organized between the top management of CSI and Chemolli Fire, which will be held on November 18th. Here the news, announced by CSI’s CEO, Engineer Raoul Gatti: CSI had a space at the most important European construction fair, the BAU in Munich. And in this context we would like to bring the preview of the fruit of this collaboration, to be finalized in style at the Made Expo.

A beautiful project. But the BAU is from January 16th to 21st. Which means there is no time. The year ends, the world ends. Usually it is a saying, but this time it is really so: to do it, it is imperative to end the tests before the end of the year, to allow the video maker to prepare the video in time. Before finishing the meeting, CSI schedules assemblies and tests, establishes the necessary resources: there are multiple areas involved, construction, fire resistance, marketing, commercial and last but not least the management. Chemolli for his part calls all collaborators to arms, concentrating all efforts on the project, number “X387”.

Assembling X387

The door is currently only a piece of paper, the project, although it is made up of more than 140 pages, is not in itself suitable for being tested.

A few days later production is started and sampling is carried out, that is, the sampling required by EN16034 at the manufacturing site. The CSI staff notes the characteristics of the production line, the materials used, the adhesives, and also takes samples of components.

On December 19th CSI is ready to receive the Chemolli Fire convoy: three equipped vehicles and six people deliver, download and install the samples prescribed for the tests in the supports prepared by the laboratory. There is a troupe that, after having been duly authorized to protect the confidentiality of other customers and systems, films all the stages of installation, regulation and testing. Recording about 500 hours of material with five cameras.

The tests carried out successfully are the cyclic tests according to EN1191, the smoke tests according to EN1634-3 for hot and cold smoke and the fire test according to EN1634-1. The fire test also passed the after-time, thus allowing to increase the linear dimensions according to the field of application of EN1634-1, in addition to allowing the unlimited increase of the same according to Annex C of the Ministerial Decree 21.06.2004.

X387 at the end of the test

All this led to a classification according to EN13501-2 as follows: EI1 120, C1, Sa, S200. Without forgetting that the project was carried out also thinking about the potential EXAP according to EN15269-3.

The short version of the video is available on Youtube HERE. At the BAU fair, at the CSI stand, the video left more than one visitor open-mouthed. Do you want to see how big was the tested door? Go to the Made Expo fair, at the Chemolli Fire stand, hall 5, stand M21-N20. We are preparing a long version of the video, which we will show both on our and the CSI stand in hall 4, stand M11.