News 28 April 2020

Fire Test – EI180 / FD180 with hose stream – Fratelli Garletti, Dinamica SHS

Video of our client which tested his Dinamica SHS hinge.

Fratelli Garletti is a dynamic and innovative manufacturer of Botticino Sera (BS) which has supplied hinges for huge doors in fabulous palaces in the Middle East.

It’s a very high capacity hinge.

The customer needed to complete the CE marking path, according to EN1935 for the single axis hinge, undertaken with IFT Rosenheim and to make a new UL certification. We took charge of the topic and studied a solution that would bring everyone together.

For operational needs, we chose to carry out the test at the Applus Spanish laboratory and for a cost-containment reason, only one test was needed.

Therefore we studied the numerous European , American and Canadian testing standards that affected this activity:

  • EN1634-1
  • EN1363
  • EN13501
  • EN15269-2
  • EN15269-3
  • EN1935
  • UL10/b
  • UL10/c
  • CAN-S/104

We provoked the client, who asked us for a 60 or 90 minutes, with a “why not 180?”. To the reactions of disbelief, we demonstrated our value by reaching the promised results at the end of the activity.

At this point, we studied a test setup that would put everyone, IFT, Applus, UL, the customer and us, in agreement. It was a long and complex preliminary work with which, however, we have condensed multiple results into a single activity and test. In a memorable joint meeting at our stand at the MADE Expo we were able to put everyone in agreement.

In our carpentry we have made the three products completely by design by inserting Garletti’s hinges into a system capable of withstanding the impressive difficulties required.

After three hours of fire with temperatures above a thousand degrees according to the ISO834 standard curve, wooden doors must also withstand the impact of the hose stream which, as you have seen (or will see), is more or less like launching an RPG against the wall.

Hose stream tests are carried out in order to not having holes in the doors and by making sure they do not open. The central door (that you can see opening) it’s actually realized by EN standards (in fact, it didn’t open inside the furnace) and, therefore, it doesn’t matter that it opened.

We are particularly satisfied with this activity and we believe that our knowledge of the standards, our relationships with certification bodies, our value, our vision, the importance of the work of our team of qualified people, the ability to keep our word have played a fundamental role in an activity within the reach of professionals only.

And… Well, surely Garletti’s Dinamica SHS hinge is an exceptional product.

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Thanks for watching this video and reading the article!

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Chemolli Fire – CEO
Eros Chemolli