News 19 April 2021

Communication transformation

Dear recipients / their offices

Arco, April 15, 2021

Subject: Communication of transformation

I hereby inform you that from 15.04.2021 the company Chemolli s.a.s. of Eros Chemolli & C. has been transformed as follows:

Chemolli S.r.l. a socio unico

Tax and bank data remained unchanged:

Registered office: Via Fitta, 1 – 38062 – Arco (TN)
VAT number and tax code: 02261290221
Code SDI: T04ZHR3 (torino zero quattro zara hotel roma tre)
Bank: Banca Popolare dell’Alto Adige – Fil.Arco – ITALY
IBAN: IT13 O058 5634 3100 7857 1242 057

We also inform you that, as per the notarial deed of April 8, 2021, the limited liability company thus transformed remains the owner of every relationship, obligation, action, active and passive reason already belonging to the limited partnership.

Kind Regards.

Eros Chemolli