L'invisibile by Portarredo

L'invisibile by Portarredo

Premises province: FE
Number of employees: >30
Group turnover class: >3
Main markets: Italy, France, UK


  • To develop a high performance product using already existing technologies on normal production lines
  • To develop a range of products
  • To export to reference markets
  • To create commercial and technical documentation for this new line of products
  • To train technical and sales personnel working on new product lines
  • To interpret commercial requests and assess feasibility
  • To evaluate development programs in new markets
  • To develop innovative products (market research tests)

The Chemolli Fire solution

With the assistance of CHEMOLLI FIRE, L’Invisibile by Portarredo certified a EI30 – REI 30 door with an aluminium frame and wooden leaf(s), both single and double leaves. All of this was managed using technologies that were already in use on the existing production lines.
Other (niche market) technical products were also tested.
The test results were then extended to reference markets.
Technical and sale documentation were drawn up with considerable help from us.
Our personnel remained at the client’s disposal to evaluate feasibility and to interpret commercial requests.
We carried out evaluations regarding feasibility and the cost of developing test programs and any extension into new markets.
We also carried out small scale market research tests for new products.

Additional information
The product was developed using the client’s standard profiles and door leaf thickness. The two-leaf version offered the opportunity to use an integrated door sequencer lock.


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Silvia Felletti

In the certifications field, Portarredo has achieved, thanks to Chemolli Fire, concrete results, quickly and responding to expectations. The projects were completed thanks to the skills of a qualified and available professional, whose human qualities we could also appreciate.

Silvia Felletti / Marketing Office

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