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6 October 2021

UKCA label obligation extended by one year!

The UK government has updated the provisions by extending the timeframe for companies to adapt to the new certification model by a further year. Although the deadline is now 1 January 2023, it is already possible to voluntarily mark your products with the UKCA label if they meet the necessary requirements and procedures. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/using-the-ukca-marking

24 June 2021

Resolution P9 TA(2021)0074

The European Parliament with Resolution P9 TA (2021) 0074 calls on the European Commission to unblock the harmonized standards and make them more usable. A theme dear to us on which we have worked a lot Nuova Finestra at this moment, the comment by Eros Chemolli published this morning catalyzes debate and confrontation.   At […]

19 April 2021

Communication transformation

Dear recipients / their offices Arco, April 15, 2021 Subject: Communication of transformation I hereby inform you that from 15.04.2021 the company Chemolli s.a.s. of Eros Chemolli & C. has been transformed as follows: Chemolli S.r.l. a socio unico Tax and bank data remained unchanged: Registered office: Via Fitta, 1 – 38062 – Arco (TN) […]

Testing and Certification

Testing and Certification

Do you want to certify your fire systems?

Find out how the CHEMOLLI FIRE specialists accompany you during all the testing and certification phases.


Do you want to make more efficient fire and sound-proof doors?

You can use our accessories or materials to enhance the performance of your fire and acoustic closures.

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These companies have chosen Chemolli Fire to make their systems safer


Number of employees: >50
Group turnover class: >40
Main markets: Italy, Middle East

Obtained certifications


Number of employees: >150
Group turnover class: >50 mln €
Main markets: Italy, France, UK

Obtained certifications


Employees number: >50
Group turnover class: >10 mln €
Main markets: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, UK, Poland, Russia

Obtained certifications


Number of employees: >500
Group turnover class: >100 mln €
Main markets: 70 countries in the international market

Obtained certifications


  • Number of employees: >500
  • Turnover: >200 mln €
  • Main markets: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, UK, Russia, United States


Obtained certifications

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